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Steamy deals on hot tubs and spas in Anchorage, AK

Alaska Spa & Bath is an Anchorage, Alaska-owned-and-operated company that specializes in the distribution of saunas, Genuine Jacuzzi® Whirlpool Baths, and premium hot tub companies such as Master Spa, and Twilight Spas, and more. We offer the only Icene Foam filled, and powdercoated unibody steel frame spa's in Alaska. Master Spa is the only hot tub company endorced by 18 time Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps and features some of the best jetting in the industry.
Outfit your home with the Genuine Jacuzzi® Whirlpool Bath Tub of your dreams, Relax in the Award-winning Master Spa, or get that new Helo Sauna you have always wanted.

Visit our showrooms in Anchorage today to see our range of quality hot tubs, sauna's, and baths for yourself. You're sure to be impressed.
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About us

When it comes to hot tubs, spas and baths, we really know our stuff!

When you visit Alaska Spa & Bath's showroom, the first thing we will do is help you make the right choice for your needs. We will take into account the amount of space you have, your budget, your lifestyle and the features that you want. Then we'll match them with operating costs, maintenance requirements, aesthetic appeal and the extra features you want and need.

Next, we will make sure that you completely understand how your new hot tub or spa works and what's involved in maintaining it for maximum performance and longest life.

Last but not least, all of our baths, saunas, swim spas, hot tubs and spas come with an excellent warranty. A warranty that unlike our competitors is serviced through Master Spa itself. These are factory trained techs that are eager to work on your spa. They do not sell spa's, but only work on them so rest assured they look forward to that business and do not try to sell you another spa. Visit our Anchorage location today. When it comes to hot tubs, we're your best choice!

Products & service

We have everything needed for your new hot tub or bath, as well as the spa equipment and accessories necessary to maintain your existing hot tub or spa system. For the real experts, Alaska Hot Tub & Spa is the one to call. We have more experience with Genuine Jacuzzi Baths, and Master Spa's than anyone in the state!
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There's no need to go anywhere else! We have the best range of products, the best prices, the best staff, and the best service in Anchorage. We have the clearest water of any of our competitors do to our exclusive Eco Pur Filtration System, as well as the lowest cost of maintenance. Why spend thousands on a Salt System that needs a cell replacement every 18 months to 3 years at a cost of $800-$1,200 when it is just a fancy way to add chlorine? Why spend thousands on a UV system that can't even keep the water clear, and that needs replacement every year for $100-$200 or more? Clean your spa the natural way, the clean way with no smell, clear water, and minimal replacement costs of $50 per year with Eco Pur. Developed with the NSF to drinking water standards we are the only ones in Alaska that have it. Come see the difference for yourself!
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